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3 Linkedin tips to ensure that opportunities come to you.

Opportunities to progress your career are going to be harder to find at the moment, however, good opportunities are still out there.

Here are 3 simple Linkedin tips to ensure that these opportunities find you...

Review your Linkedin Job title

Having an accurate job title is the easiest way to ensure you are found and contacted about relevant opportunities. I recommend the following format,

“Specialism” | “niche” | “Key Skills/experience” | Open to opportunities (if actively looking)

For example,

Quant Analyst | Front Office | FX/Rates, Python, C++ | Open to opportunities


Tax Specialist | Practice | High turnover clients, CTA, CA | Open to opportunities

If you are actively looking at the moment, don’t have your job title as just “Open to Opportunities”, as you are likely to be missed for relevant opportunities when recruiters are running a search.

Engage on Linkedin

The best way to stay visible to your network on Linkedin is to like, comment and post. If you are actively looking for a new opportunity, ensure you do this on a daily basis. That will ensure that you are regularly appearing on your networks feed and you are more likely to be approached about opportunities which match your skills and experience.

Network now, more than ever

With the majority of people working from home at the moment, now is a great time to message your network or have a catch-up call with an old colleague, client or recruiter you’ve not spoken to in a while. Unless you have the conversation, you won't know where it might lead.


The majority of people will have some level of concern about their job at the moment - whether it be redundancy, missing out on a promotion or missing out on external opportunities.

There is a lot of empathy and more importantly, support in your network, don’t be afraid to ask for it - both on and off Linkedin.

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